Ribbon Storage System by Ribbon Carousel

Hi blog friends,

Today, while I'm blog walking I found something interesting. Actually, I'm so impressed with an amazing ribbon storage system called the “Ribbon Carousel”. If you have many spool of ribbons you should try this storage. 

They called Ribbon Carousel© because it looks like a carousel AND it spins around like a carousel!
4 post RC

Currently, they have 4 post Ribbon Carousel ($64.95) and 8 post coming soon. At less than 4 lbs, you can load a Ribbon Carousel© up and take it with you to any crop, workshop, quilting bee, etc. Each Ribbon Carousel 6.85" square and 13.5" tall (holds up to 96 rolls of 3/8" ribbon).

How interesting ya, and more important is, save more space in your craft room right?

In celebration of this, they are embarking on their first challenge. Ribbon Carousel Challenge #1 (RCC1).

I used a Happy Birthday Card to enter.

Here is my card.

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Corinna McGregor said...

LOVE this!!! Thank you so much for your kind words about my new product. :D I will begin carrying ribbon in the store as well next weekend. I appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to seeing more of your challenge entries. Thanks for joining us at Ribbon Carousel Challenge this week. :D

Angela (jellybean74) said...

Gorgeous card!!! So glad you like your Ribbon Carousel. Thanks for joining us at the RCC blog.

Tereza Crump aka MyTreasuredCreations said...

hi noddy,

thanks for stopping by my blog. Yes, Mother's Day should be everyday... we should be reminded of the important people in our lives everyday!!

I love your cards... they are so pretty and this challenge for the ribbon carousel is great. have you seen mine??


:) blessings, Tereza

Debbie Carriere said...

Beautiful card! Love the embellished tag :) Thanks for joining us for the first Ribbon Carousel challenge - hope you'll come back :)

Corinna McGregor said...

Noddy, you were named a Top Spool!! Please email me for your badge!! :D

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